10 Things I Love About My Italian Greyhound

10 Things I Love About My Italian Greyhound

Anyone who knows me is well aware that my Italian Greyhound, Julian, is one of my favourite things in the whole world. I know it sounds strange because to some people he’s ‘just a dog’, but to me, he’s so much more. I know this all sounds a little dramatic, but I honestly don’t know what I would do without him.

So today I thought I’d write a blog about 10 things I love about Julian:

  1. He runs over to me at full force when I come home. Every single time, even if i’ve only been gone a grand total of 5 minutes – He makes any day, however bad, so so much better.
  2. He thinks he’s scary when growling. When we’re play fighting he growls with such intent, but really we all think it’s hilarious…and cute.
  3. The way he sneaks into our bed hoping that we don’t realise. Julian always quietly sneaks into the bed and thinks that he gets away with it without us noticing… we notice every time.
  4. The way he barks in his dreams. It’s so cute, he barks and growls whilst running with his legs.
  5. He sleeps with the tip of his tongue hanging out of his mouth. There’s a picture above, I need not say anymore.
  6. He’s been my shadow since the day we first got him. Julian does not understand the meaning of the word privacy, no longer can I go for a wee, or even a shower in peace.
  7. He sleeps on my desk whilst i’m writing my essays. If there’s anything that makes writing history essays, even slightly more enjoyable, it’s having an Italian Greyhound sharing the desk with you.
  8. He loves EVERYBODY. He’s such a sweetheart and he absolutely loves everyone. I think Greyhounds are often timid, but no, not Julian – give him an ounce of your time and he’ll be your best friend.
  9. He knows when you’re having a bad day. He’s always up for cuddles and love. If you’re feeling unwell or are stressed, he knows. He’ll lie next to you for hours and hours on end.
  10. Every time I sit anywhere, he sits next to me. I could be on the floor, on the bed, on the sofa, anywhere… even if there’s no room for him, trust me, he’ll make room for himself.

I really could go on for hours about him and how much I adore him. Surely i’m not the only crazy dog lady who thinks their dog is quite literally the bees knees?!

 Thank you so much for reading.

Love always, Naomi x

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