Travel Diary: The Cotswolds

Travel Diary: The Cotswolds


After revising/writing essays throughout my Christmas break and never really getting the chance to unwind as a result, I decided that after i’d completed my January exams a mini break was in order. I was really unsure of where to go, I was so torn between going to a European city or somewhere that I could take Julian (my Italian Greyhound)…naturally I chose the latter.


I’d always wanted to go to the Cotswolds and I honestly can’t believe that i’d never been!! I was looking for a quintessentially English location and that’s exactly what I found. We stayed in a tiny village called Cold Aston and it was perfect. The village was quaint, quiet and picturesque, and was surrounded by the stunning Gloucestershire countryside. If you’re looking for a place in which you can truly unwind I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. I can’t decide if it was the unique cottages, how friendly the locals were or how peaceful it was that I found so endearing, but what I do know is that i’ll defiantly be returning.


We spent our days embarking on long (and very muddy) dog walks, drinking in cosy village pubs, relaxing in front of the open fire in our cottage and exploring the surrounding villages (including Bibury, which is an ABSOLUTE MUST and is without a doubt the most charming village i’ve ever been to). The interior of the cottage we were staying in was equally as perfect as its location. I’ve stayed in numerous cottages, but this one was undoubtedly the most perfectly decorated one i’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in! I’m sure from looking at the pictures that you’ll agree that it really was delightful.


Anyway, i’m pretty sure I could discuss how perfect it was at great length and i’m aware that i’ve defiantly started rambling, but it really was just what I needed. It truly was so nice to be able to spend some quality time with my mum and boyfriend and fully unwind after a stressful January. I cannot wait until next time we go, i’m sure it’ll be very soon (and a lot sooner than my bank account would like). If you’re thinking of where to go for your next quiet mini break, i’d certainly recommend The Cotswolds – you will not be disappointed. I’ve been home for less than a week and i’m already trying to justify taking the 90 mile journey back just for a day trip.


Arlington Row, Bibury

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

Love always, Naomi

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