5 Reasons To Travel As Often As Possible

5 Reasons To Travel As Often As Possible

Split, Croatia
Hvar, Croatia

I’m not going to make out that i’ve visited every continent on earth (I wish), or that I am the most well travelled person I know (far from it!), but what I can say is that I do travel as often as I can, to pretty much any place that I can. Of course, I’m only a student and as a result I don’t have a huge pot of money following me around, but I do try to cut spending in many areas to ensure that i’m continuously putting money aside for my next trip. Whether that means buying Clover instead of Lurpack or making a packed lunch instead of buying a Pret (easier said that done, I know) it’s trivial decisions such as these that really do help me save money!

Paris, France
Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bavaria – Germany
  1. Travelling is a lot cheaper than you think. Firstly, I think it’s important to recognise that you don’t have to fly thousands of miles to ‘travel’, you can explore new places, see new sights and meet new people whilst staying in your home country. I can guarantee that whatever country you’re from, there are plenty of affordable places that you haven’t visited that are very much worth taking a trip to – whether they’re a 1 hour drive or an 8 hour train journey away. However, travelling to places close to your home is not the only way you can make sure that you’re visiting exciting new places and not breaking the bank by doing so, I can assure you that travelling abroad on a tight budget is also a lot easier than you think. Of course, if you’re only interested in staying in 5* hotels, eating caviar and drinking cocktails every night you probably won’t be able to travel on shoestring, but if you’re willing to share dorms, fly with budget airlines and buy the majority of your food from local supermarkets you’ll be surprised by how far a modest budget would stretch to.  I was fortunate enough to explore Croatia for 10 days whilst only spending £500, and also managed to interrail around Europe for a little over 3 weeks,  visit 9 cities, 7 countries and only spend £1,500 doing so. I know £1,500 isn’t a small amount of money but considering that it included flights, accommodation, food,  everything, I think it’s pretty darn impressive. In order to do something similar, you’d only have to save £125 a month for a year, something that i’m sure is possible if you embrace your inner thrifty self.
Ice Bar, Prague – Czech Republic
Budapest, Hungary

2. You’ll make memories that last a lifetime. I know this one sounds super cringey, but it’s so true and so important. A very good elderly friend of mine once said to me that when people reach her age, they do not remember the material possessions they wanted so desperately, but instead remember the places that they’ve travelled, the people they travelled with and the memories that they made whilst on various trips. This powerful statement has stayed with me ever since, I honestly think that it has an incredibly important sentiment and couldn’t be closer to the truth. As i’ve previously stated, I’m not going to make out that i’ve travelled the seven seas and visited every corner of the globe, but from the travelling that I have done, I can say from the depts of my heart that some of my very best memories have been made whilst travelling, and I know i’ll carry them with me for years to come. I know sometimes it’s tricky to resist ordering a Dominos or buying the latest Kylie Jenner Lip kit, but if you put it into perspective, the memories made when travelling will far outweigh anything you’ll gain from material possessions or pizza deliveries.

Venice, Italy
Milan, Italy

3. Traveling humbles you.  Perhaps this is an obvious point but I feel as though it deserves attention. Through travelling, you are exposed to different lifestyles, cultures and people. This exposure prompts you to develop friendships with people that are far different to those that you would usually befriend. You begin to realise that it is important for you to embrace and not fear relationships and experiences that are out of your comfort zone. The more you travel, the more you realise how little about life you previously knew. The juvenile perception that you ‘know it all’ seems to deteriorate further with each trip. The world becomes much bigger than your perspective on it, you no longer view yourself as a big fish in a relatively small pond, but instead as a minuscule fish in a huge ocean. Although this lesson doesn’t make you any less significant, it does change your perspective and makes you a hell of a lot more open to learning from others – something that I think is invaluable.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Berlin, Germany

4.You’ll learn about yourself. I would use the term ‘find yourself’ but I  can’t quite bring myself to, it’s slightly too cliche for my liking. From meeting new people and trying new things, you begin to see how other people live, you hear stories told by others and ultimately start to question what you want from your own life. You’ll be prompted to consider things such as the type of job you want, the type of people you want to surround yourself with and where you want be. Travelling may even spark new interests and encourage you to learn even more about the world. You may begin to learn languages, or develop an interest in history because visiting a certain place may have made history come alive for you. Ultimately, travelling will encourage you not only to become the best version of yourself, but will also help you understand what you want from life and what makes you truly happy.

Ravello, Italy
Atrani, Italy

5. You’re not guaranteed old age. I know this sounds a little morbid, but I think it’s something that must be remembered. Although I wouldn’t encourage you to spend all of your money travelling, I really do believe that it’s essential that you travel as frequently as possible whilst you can. I think a lot of people, particularly if they’re young, are put off travelling because they want to work hard, get married, have kids and build a life. Now, I know that ensuring stability is essential, but I think that balance is greatly important. While I do plan on travelling once I retire, I am also aware that old age is not something that is guaranteed. If something did happen to me, I would like to think that i’d seen as many places, met as many people and gained as great a perspective on life as possible.

Ravello, Italy
Rome, Italy

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post.

Love always, Naomi x

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