5 Reasons Why You Should Travel As A Couple

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel As A Couple

As stated in my previous blog ‘5 Reasons to travel as often as possible’, I’m not the most well travelled person and neither is my boyfriend – but we have made it our mission to travel together as frequently as possible. This is not simply because we both love the idea of broadening our perspectives on the world and thrive off of the buzz of visiting new places, it’s because we also love what travelling as a couple has to offer for our relationship.


  1. You will learn more about each other.

Travelling is extremely revealing, not only to the outer world but also to each person in the relationship. Through travel you will be drawn closer to each other.  You will discover what your partner finds challenging as well as what they excel at. You will be prompted to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and ultimately how compatible you are through learning which elements of each other you rely on and admire the most. When on trips a few things are bound to go wrong at one point or another – maybe you’ll misplace your passport, run out of money or get lost without a map, but during these tricky situations your ability to reason and communicate with each other will develop and you’ll  realise just how much of a team you really are. Because you’re spending practically every minute of your trip with your partner you’ll begin to overlook snoring or un-shaven legs, because ultimately there really are no facades; you’ll appreciate your other half the way he or she is.


2. You will form shared memories.

Through unraveling destinations together and committing yourselves to adventure, you’ll broaden your perspectives, learn together and form long-lasting memories.Your adventures will become stories and you’ll share moments that only you and they will fully understand. You’ll not only bond while memories are being made, but you will also create memories that you can look back on together with sincere fondness.


3. You will find out whether your relationship is worthwhile. 

I know this is pretty bold statement, but it certainly holds some truth. Because it is highly likely that you’ll be propelled into difficult situations on your travels, you’ll see how your partner responds to complications and unplanned difficulties. Through travelling together you are putting your relationship into what could be described as a catalyst. While you may not be fazed by certain reactions or the materialisation of personality traits that you were previously unaware of, you could be. You’ll be faced by the brutal honesty of who you and the other person are, and will discover whether your relationship has survivability. Ultimately, although this may be a hard pill to swallow…you will learn whether you can live with each other or would be best off without each other.


4. You will appreciate each other more.

If you define the term ‘best friend’, your definition is likely to include someone who stands by you no matter what, someone who accepts you just as you are, someone who you enjoy spending time with and appreciates the same things you do. Through travelling together all of those elements will be tried and tested and it is likely that as a result, the relationship you have with your partner will improve. During difficult situations you will learn that your partner can be relied on and is somebody that you can trust wholeheartedly. When you’re tired and grumpy after sleeping underneath the florescent lighting of an airport, you’ve got a pal there ready to bring you coffee. When you lose your favourite pair of earrings under the hostel bunkbed, you’ve got someone that will help find them again. Ultimately, by jointly experiencing both the incredible moments as well as the ugly truths of travelling, you’ll be drawn together. Elements of your partners personality that you adore will become increasingly evident, whether that’s their ability to make you laugh in the middle of a crisis or to understand when you just need a shoulder to cry on.


5. Happiness when shared, is doubled. 

Apologies for yet another dramatic statement. But this one is true, the happiness you experience whilst on your travels really is doubled when shared with your partner. Not only will you create lasting memories together, you will also enjoy being in the moment even more so. I know it’s cliche, but the phrase ‘home is where the heart is’ really does apply here. For me personally, travelling with someone who knows me as well as my boyfriend allows me to keep my anxiety under control and enables me to enjoy the adventure to my greatest capacity. Every sunset is more enjoyable, every exceptional view is shared. You’re quite literally exploring the world with your best friend…surely there’s nothing more that you could ask for than that.


Thank you so much for taking the time time to read this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Love always, Naomi x

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