Naomi Anna Blogs is a beauty, lifestyle and travel blog aimed to share special parts of my life with you. I really hope that you’ll join me on my blogging journey and enjoy my posts as much as I know I’ll enjoy writing them. I hope not only to discuss my favourite lipstick or handbag (although there will be plenty of fashion/beauty related posts thrown into the mix), but also to share recipes, write travel diaries and give advice on topics that I think could be useful/deserve more attention.


I’m a 21 year old, third year International History and Politics student at the University of Leeds who is a great fan of all things aesthetically pleasing (particularly if they happen to be white, grey or blush in colour). You’ll either catch me drinking a latte whilst trying to finish the uni work i’ve left until the very last minute, eating peanut butter cups or trying to scrape my money together in order to book a last minute holiday. I love dogs, YSL makeup, Clinique moisturisers and Katsu Curry.

I’m new to this whole blogging thing though so please do give me constructive criticism, I’ll take it well I promise. Anyway, go and get yourselfย a good cup of tea and enjoy!

Love always, Naomi x